COVID19 Opinion poll in Serbia: Fears and Behavior: ENGLISH VERSION

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All of those countries who announced state of emergency and brought in emergency measurements are facing different behavior of people and seems they are getting scared.

Are Serbs afraid of Corona, do they avoid public and crowded places, do they wear a face mask, do they take care about hygiene more then ever and do they avoid contact with other people.

We have conducted the Online research in Serbia on a sample of 776 people and we compared the results with YouGov company that used the same research technique in same time on global level (third week of March 2020).

41% of Serbs are afraid of Covid-19 infection, but Serbia is below average for the observed countries, which is 55.6%.

However, in European countries there is a bit of less fear compared to Asia, so the Serbia is in average. 9% of Serbs does not have any fear of getting Corona virus infection.

Serbia is above average when it comes to respect measurements of avoiding crowded and public places. Average for observed countries is 68.9%, and Serbs are avoiding crowded places in 83% of cases. 

31% of Serbs are wearing a face mask and gloves when going out. According to observed countries, Serbia is slightly below average (37,5%), but we do take this measurement more seriously then Norway, UK, Spain…

More then one third of Serbs (75%) are taking care of hygiene more then usual, which is in average according to observed countries.

Serbs more then usual are taking care of hygiene in public places in order not to touch door knobs, locks etc (64%).

Most of Serbs are listening to this advice, and Serbia is above all European countries and above average of all observed countries.