"We present a clear picture of desires, motives, experiences, and needs of people, i.e. consumers", our founder Miljan Premović says, and adds: "We learn this by implementing optimal metric systems that a client can use operationally and strategically, to ensure the long-term development of their system and cost reduction through the unique experience of the customers, employees, and stakeholders. That is the vision and mission of Intelligence."

Which clients opt to work with us?

Although methods are fundamentally the same, each client, with their customers and employees, is unique. Even very similar competitors in the same market have a personal touch and something distinctive about them. Clients who choose us are people who value the importance of their network without subcontractors, with software that is adapted for their business and a professional team that is available in real-time. The most frequent characteristics of our clients are:

✓ A large number of employees and associates (at least 50)
✓ A large number of retail stores (at least 20)
✓ A large customer base (at least 10000)
✓ Large and medium enterprises
✓ Startups

We have been improving customer experience in Serbia and the region for more than 10 years

Intelligence Market Research was founded in 2011 out of the need for a local research company on the market which is flexible and has a deeper understanding of how customers behave in this part of Europe. Since then, we have developed expertise that doesn’t only realistically measure the level of satisfaction, experience, habits, and efforts of customers and employees, but also the tools that improve all these parameters. Although Intelligence Market Research is a member of the most prestigious professional associations, it remains domestically owned, with a system of over 4000 associates in Serbia and the region, and access to a database of more than 50000 members.

Founded the company in Belgrade, created the website and conducted first research projects.

March 2011

February 2012

Signed the first major annual contract with a client.

Became a corporative member of ESOMAR – the first company from Serbia with a right to vote in the history of that organization.

June 2013

May 2014

Developed the first domestic mystery shopping software based on architecture that we made according to our clients’ needs.

Put into operation the online panel OrangePanel.com, which enabled us to manage CAWI techniques more effeciently and effectively.

October 2014

March 2015

Became a member of MSPA, the most important mystery shopping association in the world.

The year of expansion; started the development of a new version of the mystery shopping software and conducted the most complex public opinion research in Serbia.

January 2016

May 2017

The biggest mystery shopping event in the history of MSPA Europe was held in Belgrade, and we proudly participated and helped in its organization.

Organized the first Mystery Shopping Conference for clients and presented Perfect Service Program.

September 2018

November 2018

Put into operation the new version of the mystery shopping software MS-SAS.com, which provided a unique combination of the client, mystery shopper and training modules.

Bought the Croatian mystery shopping agency and welcomed Mystery travel expertise.

July 2019

September 2019

The first to introduce Mystery shopping tracking, which involves continuous tracking of and evaluating the quality of service in the FMCG sector.

The state of emergency. Free research on changes in customer behavior for clients. No layoffs or salary cuts.

March 2020

July 2020

New website is launched.

We published the first online national representative survey since the implementation of the Internet in Serbia.

January 2021

March 2022

We celebrated 11 years since the company was founded with our clients. Thank you!

We signed a contract with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences regarding cooperation on professional practice.

October 2022

April 2023

Viral news about our company’s Mystery Shopping in all media in Serbia.

New version of the MS SAS software.

November 2023

January 2024

Start of the free professional consultations program. New design of the website. New slogan published: FROM RESEARCH TO EXCELLENCE.