Based on scientifically and practically verified methods, we have developed concrete solutions that enable our clients to exploit services in an optimal way. We have transformed our experience and knowledge into development of measurable and reliable information for decision making and creation of greater value for our clients.


Mystery shopping Starter Pack

Look before you leap... into Mystery shop
Successful introduction of Mystery Shopping solutions for your company – that's what this package offers.

Mystery Shopping is a great tool for measuring and improving sales, and client and employee experience, as well as increasing loyalty levels and reducing turnover.

With our package, we introduce Mystery Shopping in such a way that the future results are realistic, employees are ready to implement innovations, executive management has procedures in place to use results, and so on.

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Experience Pack

The secret of a successful sale is – selling again!
Almost anyone can sell something once, but only those who know their customers well can sell multiple times. We convert customer experience into metrics and send our client a realistic picture – immediately. From metrics, we create tools to improve sales and reduce employee turnover.

Among other things, we give answers to the following questions: Is the loyalty program offered in the store? Are additional products offered at the checkout? Do shop assistants know the main characteristics of the most important products offered? Do shop assistants send customers to competitors? What is the atmosphere like in our store, and what is it like in the stores of our competitors? How long do customers have to wait in our stores and the stores of our competitors?

Who is this package intended for? If you have a large number of retail shops or a big online shop, we created this for you based on the experience of Serbian and international companies from the retail sector.

Our Experience Plus package has a unique tool that realistically boosts results – carefully, but effectively and efficiently. Communication with middle management, store managers, and sales employees yields extraordinary results for our clients, as long as it is based on real and easily proven information from the field.

The results are:

  • Sales increase
  • Customer loyalty increase
  • Employee turnover reduction

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Design Research Pack

Kreativna rešenja: da budu i lepa i korisna!
They are useful for clients and look nice for their customers. This package unmasks obscure advertising messages and marketing designs. It tests solutions that are noticed and understood by your target audience and analyses the possibilities of improving an already existing design or marketing solution.

Whether you have your private label (brand name), the face of the brand, billboards around the city, leaflets or magazines, expensive advertising campaigns on TV, design, and content on Instagram (or any other social networking site), this package will test how target audience reacts to the design, wherever it is needed.

The package is intended for clients who plan advertising campaigns for which big budgets are set aside, especially clients who hire brand ambassadors. It doesn’t only save money, but it also helps reach the target audience and identify optimal ways of communication channels.

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Essential Pack

Everything you need to know about the customer in one package.
Without redundant information, large databases, and complex algorithms. Only professional analysis of competitors and your target groups with the most important and presented findings.

If you haven’t done professional research before – this package is for you. In various aspects, we provide answers to the most important questions about who the customers are, and how they behave and think.

Among other things, we give answers to the following questions: Who are the target groups? What are their habits? Which social media and influencers, if any, do customers follow? Are customers as satisfied as we think? What is the difference between our customers and those of the competition? What are the most efficient communication channels?

Who is this package intended for? Fast-growing or start-up companies, as well as those that haven’t done professional research before, but have big plans.

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Microlocation Scan

Potencijal mikrolokacije i okrivanje realnog stanja u ciljanom objektu.
Microlocation potential and finding out what the real situation in the target store is.

You plan to open a new location, or you want to check an existing location in detail because of certain challenges.

Who can you expect in the store and why do customers leave?

This unique expertise combines several different research methods that provide clear guidelines as to where the analysis stands and what to do next.

The most common industries are consumer goods, oil, and petroleum products, games of chance, retail stores (kids stores, specialty stores, bakeries, etc.), HoReCa (hospitality industry), and Luxury sectors.

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