Mystery shopper is the most attractive part time activity in the world for a reason. Mystery shoppers are not secret agents but customers like you. The difference is that the mystery shopper undergoes training in order to tell his experience in the best way, and for his opinion he receives a reward.

The mystery shopper is the most frequently chosen job on the best part-time jobs lists. Take our FREE professional training and wait for your first task. Our clients value your experience and opinion. Simply - earn by buying.

Mystery shopper training involves familiarization with the Mystery shopping method and testing. Testing includes a test, observation/listening, and writing a short report. Everything is done online, completely free and safe.

After successful training and verification, you’ll get MSPA Intelligence.

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Mystery Shopping refers to measuring the quality of service, performances and experiences by a customer trained for that beforehand.

Mystery shopping is one of the latest research methods in the corporative world, although its roots date back to the beginning of the last century in the USA when this work was done by secret agents. Mystery shopping is based on scientifically determined principles, which were structured in 1997 with the foundation of “Mystery Shopper Providers Association” (MSPA). The European branch was established in 2001, and we are proud to be its member.

Mystery shopping does not constitute spying, provokations, biased informing. Mystery shopping is a fair and impartial analysis of the store, the purchasing process, the environment and service, according to pre-prepared instructions and abiding by ethical work norms.

Mystery shopping isn’t when a mystery shopper performs assessment in a company they work for or when they work for a competitor. Nor is it when a mystery shopper applies for a job in the company which they previously assessed as a mystery shopper. However, information on what does and what does not constitute mystery shopping will be provided for you in the training.

When the assignment is performed in an appropriate way, our client has a possibility to correct irregularities (if they are perceived) and in that way improve their service or product, with everyone benefiting from it - customers, employees and the client.

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